Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hello, hello, bonjour, bonjour, hola, hola, konnichiha, konnichiha-ha

This was a typical week, for typical people. Meetings, back pain, business lunches for weight gain, PowerPoint madness, driving the sales road, paying bills... Okay, we could never be totally typical. There was also some happy making "hang-boarding", gorgeous, peaceful cross-country skiing, spectacular "favorite-time-of-the-day" (cuddling/film watching), and other types of living our life.

Boring Week collided with Best Week on Thursday when hours on the sales road meant hours of talk radio. And what did I hear? Something about a free Michael Franti concert on Main Street Park City? Yep! Edwards confirmed online, Free concert! That very night! Top five favorite artists!

No big deal for the people who already knew and planned for this, but this is why I love our life! Me: Ski first. Edwards: Hangboard first. After: rendevous (with the dogs) in Park City for pizza (Davanza's, Tuco's favorite) and an evening outdoor concert in the middle of winter in the mountains with MICHAEL FRANTI!

Our pictures are as fun as the concert in that blackness doesn't facilitate knowing what you are going to end up with, so you end up with this. The sea of knit hats says it all! It was a throwdown!

When life and "our life" collide like this in one week, it wears a body out. Friday ended in a sick day. Saturday, the same. Sunday... we'll figure out a way to get back at it. We'll start by downloading the new Michael Franti and Spearhead album and dancing around to the Obama Song! "Barack Obama. Yes We Did!"