Monday, March 31, 2008

Video, Slide Show, And Other Updates

We finally have the web page looking nice and a formal announcement will be made soon. So far, only family and a few friends have been in the loop. Check out the video page. The lower link has higer res images but no effects or music.

The video takes you with us on our wedding day: shopping (because Delta sucks), getting married, riding trains, playing in the mountains, and an impromptu party with super excited ski instructors. It was "PERFECT!"

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Apple Cake and Other Feats of Swiss Engineering

We were finishing dinner at the Bellevue Des Alps one evening when our waitress asked if we would like for dessert "a little Apple Cake..." Oh yes! my head bobbed enthusiastically! Oh yes!

The image my american mind conjured was something along the lines of a light apple-y carrot cake, but I just knew that wasn't what we were about to get. What did we get? Imagine a sugar donut. Now put a cored apple in the middle. This is "apple cake." Awesome.

I saw the history of building the train up the Jungfrau on a tourist video, on the train. It goes like this, "One man had a dream. 300 workers and decade later, they tunneled through the Eiger, created viewing points out the face, and continued on up to 'the top of Europe' where they hollowed out the glacier and built a restaurant, research station, and a house." Awesome.

Why would they do this? One drunk guy in a bar convinced 300 of his drunk friends to chissle away inside one of the most beautiful mountains in the world for over ten years? How much Brandy would that take?

And... I'm not even going to start on the trams and cable cars... the swiss will never cease to amaze me. Situated in the heart of Europe, they stayed out of the wars didn't they? Awesome.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Like Camelot

We just got home and will blog a bit more about our trip once we're caught up with work, life, etc. For now all we can say is that someone must be smiling on us (though it's not Delta). Anyway, the problems with our airline can wait wait to be discussed. We had perfect conditions for our entire trip. It was idyllic. Truly there could be no more beautiful place on earth than where we were married and spent our first few days. It was Camelot.
Above pic: getting a little fuzzy prior to exchanging our vows.
The view from our hotel window at Kleine Schedeigg, under the Eiger.
Gina Lollobrigida's got nothin' on Romney.
Agent Wormwood looking to exchange some microfilm in Zurich

Lisa under the Eiger and then in one of the train tunnels on the face."Why would they build something like this? The Swiss are insane."
Edwards in ice tunnels under the Jungfrau.
Lisa on the Jungfrau.The wall of the Bellevue des Alpes, under the Eiger.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eiger Birds

Today we take the train up to our hotel at Kleine Scheidegg, which is the only way to reach the Bellevue des Alpes. No doubt some of you will recognize this place as a condemned man's last wish but at this point we're not thinking about what will happen if we can't cling to the edges.

We awoke to a post-solstace snow storm so it's unlikely that our ground man will allow us to climb. Since my wife's a real brick shit house, I'm sure Freitag will be okay if his plan isn't accepted. With the newest American on the team we still haven't decided who is to be the leader.

Here are a few pics from yesterday...

Ratso's Fun Day

We miss the rest of our family but at least he's in good hands. Our friend Erica is staying at our place and sending us daily pics on what he's up to. Yesterday's report was titled "Ratso's Fun Day" and came with these pics.


We're Married!

Romney- Edwards 2008 is now official. We couldn't be happier. Story and photos to come. Right now we have to change our tax status. Right, or something like that.

It's Just Like Christmas!

I woke up this morning to a bit of pink alpenglow. It felt like a good sign, so I jumped back into bed to irritate my sleeping husband-to-be. The past few days Ive felt like a kid before Christmas. Acted like a kid before Christmas.

In Switzerland this morning you can hear the sound of the american dollar as it plummets through the global economy, and I really want to know when Edwards' turtlenecks are going to arrive, because you cannot have an Eiger Sanction themed wedding if your man isn't wearing a turtleneck.

With a little Earl Grey and some godddamn coffee, we're having a lovely breakfast. Through the big picture window Edwards' is pointing out climbing routes on the Eiger, and I'm still wondering where our luggage is...

We're getting married today.


How do people have weddings? Our non-wedding "impromptu" trip to Switzerland has engulfed most of our life over the last month or so. This has a lot to do with the oh-so particular Swiss and their love of everything being just so--we even had to fly to San Francisco just to sign something in front of an certified Swiss person. Well, that and buying a new house. And work. Actually, keeping this from work is harder than keeping it from family. We're just about to get on the plane and hope they don't lose our luggage. We'll never find Eiger Sanction clothing in Grindelwald.

We'll write more later. This was really just an excuse to post cute pics of the family.


Welcome to our blog. As these are modern times (or end times, depending on your perspective), our journey is being recorded electronically only. In the event of upcoming apocalypse, we'll wander the wastelands anonymously; our iron and platinum wedding bands the only surviving vestiges of these halcyon days of excess. But we'll survive, because we are good at survival. And we're even better together.

In the event we don't end up in a nuclear pissing contest with the Middle East, our excess doesn't render the atmosphere beyond the realm of human breathability, the toxic waste being dumped in the oceans doesn't throw nature's balance into a chaotic state where ancient sea monsters again rule the survival of the fittest smorgasbord as the oceans engulf our land masses until all of our Utah properties are beach front...well, then, we'll just continue about our business of traveling, skiing, climbing, riding, going to operas, openings, festivals, fundraisers, while working to better our society and exploring our world, kickin' it with Tuco, and hangin' in our favorite coffee house(s).

Assuming the latter, this blog is where we'll post the chronicles of our trip to Switzerland, the events that follow, and how we plan to meet up with all of our friends and family in the upcoming months. Sign our guestbook by commenting on any of our posts. We'll be honored to hear from you.

Lisa and Steve