Thursday, August 28, 2008

When the cat's away...

The mouse goes to Kauai!

Edwards "had" to go to Beijing for the last week of the Olympics. I am told that this was work related, but mostly it sounded like a trip to fantasy island. Can you imagine, Mr. Most Athletic surrounded by the best athletes in the world? I soon realized that I would be lucky to get him back. You can read all about his trip at

As a very last minute decision, Andrea (little sister) decided she needed a quick trip out of Vegas, and offered to cover lodging and car rental if I could get my butt to the Garden Isle. Right before he left I said, "Edwards, can I go to Kauai with my little sister" and he said, "ABSOLUTELY." Really? Cool.

We had 4 days to explore the entire island. We had time to snorkel, take long walks on the beach, lounge by the beach, skinny dip in the ocean, view a distant Luau from seats in a hot tub, rest, drive from end to end, eat lots of organic-local-delicious food, do some waterfall viewing, and get a little sandbagged...

Sandbag: brush fire closed the Na Pali trail, so there would be NO seeing the coast on foot; rough waters canceled our boat trip, so there would be NO seeing the coast by boat; illness put me in the hotel room watching bad TV almost one entire day.

On the upside, we did rejoiced the entire time on our decision to stay up in Hanalei and not down in Poi Pu. I got a Puff t-shirt, "In a land called Hanalei" and the town had the best vibe of anywhere we found on the island.

We took lots of pictures, but unfortunately none of the Swiss Family Robinson. There was an adorable surfer bum family with two toe-headed kids living out of their truck on a secluded beach. We figure the cost of living in Hawaii can be pretty low, even with kids, because weather permits nothing more than a diaper for clothing and the island provides everything else they need. So cute.

My trip to Kauai had some truly perfect moments, I missed enough to definitely want to go back, but my husband says Thailand looks similar, is cheaper, and has real climbing... so maybe that's my next trip. Maybe next time, if he's not busy fraternizing with the athletes, I'll take my husband with me.