Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kick, Glide, and Giggle!

To avoid the holiday hazards of too many tourist on the mountain, we've been cross-country skiing this season. We spend the odd calendar days at Millcreek Canyon dodging dogs, hikers, snowshoers, and other skiers on a silly, icy, snow covered road that really doesn't get nice until after the first 1.5 miles. On even calendar weekend days, we can go adventure a bit... Today we went to my favorite hiking trail, behind Jeremy Ranch, to see if it was skiable. We weren't even sure there would be road access miles out, but there was and the trailhead only had TWO cars at it. Two cars is quite different from the 50+ cars parked at the Millcreek Trailhead. This place was car to car skiing, and easier terrain for Tuco. We only saw one guy, one dog, and one small family out there today. Silent, beautiful, snow covered forest was our lot. Plus, Edwards got to learn lots of things about x-country skiing, because the variable terrain made him practice all the little tricks to controlling your skinny skis!

All our friends and family are invited to join us any time they want to come out! Edwards can't believe he found something that Romney loves to do so much! And I do, I do love to x-country ski!

These pics aren't from today, they are from our hike in the snow yesterday, but close enough!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sadly, families like these are the reason Edwards and I cannot have children.

In the news today was the headline "Woman in Arkansas gives birth to 18th Child". One mother, one father, 17 other smiling children. A simple google search revealed this story from July, "Canadian woman gives birth to 18th child." Two families; one westernized world.

At this rate, it would take Edwards and I, and 17 other couples not having children, to counter-balance the decisions these two families alone have made. Now, add in everyone you know with more than 2 kids, then imagine the people you don't know and the developing world, and try to figure out how many committed non-breeders it would take to bring the world in balance. I only know three other couples like us...

This is nonsensical. We must rise above our most basic animal instincts and bring reason to bare on our decisions. Is it not our reasoning skills that sets homosapien apart? Is it not unreasonable to insist that our species overwhelm the carrying capacity of the earth?

All I can say is, at least I'm not leaving anyone behind to live in an world overpopulated by people. To parents of one or two children, you should be even more disturbed by these burgeoning families... don't your kids need resources?