Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kick, Glide, and Giggle!

To avoid the holiday hazards of too many tourist on the mountain, we've been cross-country skiing this season. We spend the odd calendar days at Millcreek Canyon dodging dogs, hikers, snowshoers, and other skiers on a silly, icy, snow covered road that really doesn't get nice until after the first 1.5 miles. On even calendar weekend days, we can go adventure a bit... Today we went to my favorite hiking trail, behind Jeremy Ranch, to see if it was skiable. We weren't even sure there would be road access miles out, but there was and the trailhead only had TWO cars at it. Two cars is quite different from the 50+ cars parked at the Millcreek Trailhead. This place was car to car skiing, and easier terrain for Tuco. We only saw one guy, one dog, and one small family out there today. Silent, beautiful, snow covered forest was our lot. Plus, Edwards got to learn lots of things about x-country skiing, because the variable terrain made him practice all the little tricks to controlling your skinny skis!

All our friends and family are invited to join us any time they want to come out! Edwards can't believe he found something that Romney loves to do so much! And I do, I do love to x-country ski!

These pics aren't from today, they are from our hike in the snow yesterday, but close enough!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sadly, families like these are the reason Edwards and I cannot have children.

In the news today was the headline "Woman in Arkansas gives birth to 18th Child". One mother, one father, 17 other smiling children. A simple google search revealed this story from July, "Canadian woman gives birth to 18th child." Two families; one westernized world.

At this rate, it would take Edwards and I, and 17 other couples not having children, to counter-balance the decisions these two families alone have made. Now, add in everyone you know with more than 2 kids, then imagine the people you don't know and the developing world, and try to figure out how many committed non-breeders it would take to bring the world in balance. I only know three other couples like us...

This is nonsensical. We must rise above our most basic animal instincts and bring reason to bare on our decisions. Is it not our reasoning skills that sets homosapien apart? Is it not unreasonable to insist that our species overwhelm the carrying capacity of the earth?

All I can say is, at least I'm not leaving anyone behind to live in an world overpopulated by people. To parents of one or two children, you should be even more disturbed by these burgeoning families... don't your kids need resources?

Monday, November 3, 2008

“I finally got the venue I’ve been looking for."

That's right, I'm performing in an early holiday voice recital!

Keith Trickett, Lisa Romney and Danny McDonnall
Accompanied by
Chris Smith (piano) and Charlotte Bell (oboe)

Monday 10th November 2008
@ 7:30 pm
First Unitarian Church
569 S 1300 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Admission Free

Please join us for a reception after the concert

This concert is a charity event. The aim is to raise $2500 for the Peoples Health Clinic in Park City. Members of the audience and well-wishers are encouraged to make a donation. This means, admission is free, but you have to pay to leave. Okay, you don't have to...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pink Helmet

This photo is a follow-up to my "Mean Boy" blog. I am a brat and my husband loves me anyway!

A Change in the Weather

Things have been a little cold and wet around here. We're all getting a little bored.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If She Were A Rich Man

I've been putting miles on the Prius lately driving up and down the Wasatch Front for work. Company policy prohibits operating a vehicle and talking on a cell phone, even with a hands-free device, so this has given me plenty of time to listen to news radio. I heard my first Hannity Show last week, enjoyed the superior reporting of BBC World News, and just today got to listen to a "Talk of the Nation" session focused on Sarah Palin and how women voters feel about her.

I listened to two females support her and one woman argue against her. No matter how often they, or the callers, said that it wasn't about her being a woman, I became quite certain that it was/is. This made me explore my own opinion of her and whether I had any underlying sexism in my ardent opinion of her candidacy. My findings... I don't. I'm certain that most others who share my opinion also do not. Let's think about it...

Had John McCain produced a man who was the former Mayor of a town of around 7,000 and the current twenty month governor of Alaska, who had: spent a large part of his time as Governor growing his family; used his office to wage personal wars; hired in a preferential and nepotistic manner; left his small town $20 million in debt; forced rape victims in his town to pay for their rape kits; sought vast federal earmarks for projects the State was unwilling to fund; sued to remove polar bears from the endangered species list; did not believe global warming is caused by humans; hunted wolves from airplanes, and offered a bounty for others to do the same; was a "creationist", anti-abortion even in cases of rape and incest, and refused to teach anything other than abstinence to children; attended 5 different colleges, finally gaining a degree in sports journalism; lacked the intellectual curiosity to travel, read, and pursue other cultural and creative growth opportunities; who could not respond to questions on the current "ethos"; believed he had strong foreign policy experience because you could see Russia from his State; etc. etc. ... I would be HORRIFIED, and so would more than 50% of the American public.

What is happening is actually the opposite of sexism. Worse than "white privilege" it is "white WOMAN privilege." So, for today, another film recommendation - "Burn After Reading" - a film where no matter the damage... an entitled white woman will get what she wants.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And we thought Romney-Edwards was unbelievable...

When Sarah Palin was nominated by McCain the Democratic Party cheered, "No better disaster than this!" There was only a faint whimper that people might buy what the Republicans were selling. As blind Lady Liberty's scales tip to McCain/Palin, we should be aware that the whimper we heard may actually have been a visceral sob of defeat.

I know this woman. In our democracy, there is a breed of mean-spirited, over-confident person whose ignorant, one-sided values bring them to City Hall as a place to heap their misery on others. They find their happiness in brow beatings. They internalize abusive behaviors as personal accomplishment.

In the lower 48, these people are known as the "squeaky wheel." You would be astounded at how much influence they have, for no other reason than to quiet their constant assaults. It seems that in Alaska, one of these people had the tenacity to take her misery to the Governor's Mansion. Now, she has been plucked from the cold north to feed our societal narcissism.

I am aware that the culture that runs this country shares a belief that only they should have money, because only they are responsible enough to handle it. I am also aware that they want us to vote for McCain/Palin. War Heroes R Us. Hockey Moms R Us. If "We" are in the White House, "We" are content with power by association, and the wealthy elite continue their "business as usual."

The offense of McCain/Palin is not in the names I could call her, or the smears easily slathered on the man. The offense is the roars of laughter coming from above as they watch us slide rapidly from Democracy to Idiocracy, and if you haven't seen this film, "Idiocracy," you should.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mean Boy

Memories of my orthopedic surgeon screaming, "God Hates You!" at me, came flooding back as I tried to get my head out of the way of a 12"X4"X3" rock that my loving husband knocked off of a climb this weekend. Luck got my head out of the way; fate kept my left hand in the boulder path. Today, a millenia of evolution does nothing to help me button my trousers as my thumb is no longer opposable. However, with all the tender loving care being administered by my husband, I have great hopes for a full and speedy recovery.

In order to reduce the risks of brain trauma in the future, I would like a small, pink climbing helmet. Perhaps Edwards will get me one?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

When the cat's away...

The mouse goes to Kauai!

Edwards "had" to go to Beijing for the last week of the Olympics. I am told that this was work related, but mostly it sounded like a trip to fantasy island. Can you imagine, Mr. Most Athletic surrounded by the best athletes in the world? I soon realized that I would be lucky to get him back. You can read all about his trip at

As a very last minute decision, Andrea (little sister) decided she needed a quick trip out of Vegas, and offered to cover lodging and car rental if I could get my butt to the Garden Isle. Right before he left I said, "Edwards, can I go to Kauai with my little sister" and he said, "ABSOLUTELY." Really? Cool.

We had 4 days to explore the entire island. We had time to snorkel, take long walks on the beach, lounge by the beach, skinny dip in the ocean, view a distant Luau from seats in a hot tub, rest, drive from end to end, eat lots of organic-local-delicious food, do some waterfall viewing, and get a little sandbagged...

Sandbag: brush fire closed the Na Pali trail, so there would be NO seeing the coast on foot; rough waters canceled our boat trip, so there would be NO seeing the coast by boat; illness put me in the hotel room watching bad TV almost one entire day.

On the upside, we did rejoiced the entire time on our decision to stay up in Hanalei and not down in Poi Pu. I got a Puff t-shirt, "In a land called Hanalei" and the town had the best vibe of anywhere we found on the island.

We took lots of pictures, but unfortunately none of the Swiss Family Robinson. There was an adorable surfer bum family with two toe-headed kids living out of their truck on a secluded beach. We figure the cost of living in Hawaii can be pretty low, even with kids, because weather permits nothing more than a diaper for clothing and the island provides everything else they need. So cute.

My trip to Kauai had some truly perfect moments, I missed enough to definitely want to go back, but my husband says Thailand looks similar, is cheaper, and has real climbing... so maybe that's my next trip. Maybe next time, if he's not busy fraternizing with the athletes, I'll take my husband with me.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The UnCool

I can't imagine Romney/Edwards ever doing anything geeky. We're so cool, we should wear our sunglasses 24 hours a day, right? "Because when you're cool, the sun shines all the time..."

We love bad movies - cool, cooler than you.
Our political opinions are robust, well informed, rooted in historical experience, and right - again, cool.
I read graphic novels - freaking cool.
Edwards reads books on nutrition and fitness - so, he's pretty cool.
We both read the paper every day - smart and cool.
We own property in all the best neighborhoods for gentrification - one day we'll be rich and cool.
We have no offspring - our freedom and generosity is cool.
We have two perfectly behaved mutts. - the coolness runneth over.
We ride a tandem bicycle...

uh, oh, here is where a friend planted a viscious little seed... Perhaps all this doesn't add up to cool. Perhaps we are so cool, we've gone past cool, and now, we are... uncool.

Please consider the rest of the list:

1. We compost.
2. We recycle.
3. He rides a fixed gear, I ride a cruiser. For transportation.
4. I said, "Hell, yeah" outloud when I saw the movie preview for, "The Watchmen."
5. We got on the waiting list and bought a white Toyota Prius, because, you know, it gets the best gas mileage.
6. We regularly recommend, "The King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters." to people as a totally awesome movie.
7. Our dogs are the best dogs ever and we talk about them incessantly.
8. We replace all burnt out lights bulbs with compact flourescents.
9. We eloped to Switzerland because of a b-movie that very few other people find entertaining.
10. We like each other so much, we ride the same bicycle.

We are uncool.

Whatever. It don't matter to Jesus.

Pictures of our uncoolness: two geeky kids by their tandem, two perfect pooches, compost bin, that's a plug-in lawn mower, and the crowning glory... the prius.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Utah Mermaids

Something my loving husband does is let me put mermaids up in prominent positions around the house. Once, when he was sick and trapped on the couch, he even let me put in the Hans Christian Anderson \ Japanese Animation DVD of The Little Mermaid that I used to watch when I was a wee babe. He's the best husband ever.

My fascination with mermaids comes from how stubborn, hard working, and creative that sweet and feminine creature was. And how loving her spirit remains.

Today, the ROYAL "WE" bought OUR first mermaid. She is glorious.

We also had a wonderful day at the Utah Arts Festival. We had beer and brats, and caught some music by our friend Misty Murphy before coming home with our new oil painting.

Yesterday we rode up Emigration Canyon on our Tandem. I love that bike. I always say it is because, "when I'm suffering - at least he isn't still getting away from me"... there was a moment on the climb that I wished he could get away so I could pedal at my own pace. I survived and it's good training. He took this picture at the top. My friend, Amanda, gave me the flashy jersey. I don't look like a gorgeous mermaid, but I doubt they'd look so pretty all dried up either.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hot BAM!

For some strange reason (eloping to Switzerland, buying a house, throwing a party, injuries, etc.) our focus has not been on fitness and training this year. It has been six months of relative inactivity for the Romney/Edwards clan until this very day when two of us got off the couch and kicked some serious tail!!!! (pun intended, you'll see.)

Edwards recently looked into a duatholon called The Battle At Midway (BAM). He might have taken a pass on the competition but one of the categories caught his eye... DOGGIE "DOO"ATHALON. A category for humans and their dogs.

Beata isn't a pup anymore, and she's never run at a human cadence. We know she is fast in short sprints, but neither of us knew how she would hold up for the 10K. As for Edwards... he hasn't jogged more than a couple steps since last November. He did get on his Mountain Bike yesterday, but I wouldn't call it "training".

All of this added up to an Adventure, so we loaded up the car... mt. bike, race shoes, leashes, and poop bags... and made our way to Heber City this morning. Beata and Edwards were the team. The challenge: Run 5K of trail with your dog, Mountain Bike 11 miles while dog waits back in the transition area, Run another 5K with your dog.

They started the race by firing off a snow cannon. Twenty six minutes later the two of them came back... happy as clams and in second place for the "doo" category. Edwards jumped on his bike, Beata got some water and waited impatiently for him to return. 5K, hah! She was just getting warm. The biking wasn't easy and took everyone some time. Edwards rolled in, in first place for the "doo." He thought it was pretty cute when I handed Beata back and said, "She's ready to run" and they took off. Another twenty plus minutes later and our CHAMPIONS came running past the finish line!!!! Woo Hoo!

Overall, I would say this was the best morning of Beata's life. I wasn't on the trail with them, but the story goes that she would look back and pick up the pace when other dogs closed in on them. She was hungry for first. She couldn't have been prouder.

Ratso was also in his element: bumming bagels, sniffing the joint, and locating the food. "Hey, you got some pizza there? Pizza's over here guys!"

I am just a proud and amazed wife and dog mom. I'm related to the two best off-the-couch athletes in the whole world! WooHoo and ArrOoooo!

Thanks For Joining Us!

Here's a pic of the cards we got at our party. We're still waiting on some more photos to post, which should be coming soon, along with our official tandem shot. Thanks to everyone for coming to our party, especially all of you who came from out of state! The weekend couldn't have been better. High school "Dirk Diggler" shot came courtesy of my mom and has greatly impressed Romney ever since. Yeah, that's right.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thanks Beachbody

Shout out to the folks at Beachbody for their wedding presents and oh-so creative (and oh-so true) card (click on the pic to read it). I think we've probably got Jude to thank for the creativeness on that front. We should have a pic of us whipping a shake with the blender or sipping some coffee with the over-the-top but very cool coffee grinder from Team Saeco but, since we haven't managed to snap that one yet, we'll provide a pic of Jude's handiwork instead.

Special thanks to:

Tony (your check went straight to the bike fund, pics to follow)
Jude, of course
Monica C
Monica G



Beachbody rocks.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Party Pics

Given that very few of the 50 or so people here on Sat signed this blog when it was right in front of them we're not going to hold out much hope for an improvement via email. But since at least some of you will want to look at pics you've got a few more chances. It's easy. Really. You don't have to be signed in. Just write something.

Anyone who didn't make it last weekend missed a fun time. I do believe the Frank Sinatra toast was overheard more than once. "Here's to absent friends. Fuck 'em."

Here is Bob's slide show. More pics will get posted as they roll in this week. You'll want your sound on, though only some of you will get it. Jackie Treehorn draws a lot of water in this community.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Please Sign our Guest Book

Welcome. Please sign in here.

Click on "comments". Add your comment, click on "Name/URL", add your name, click on "Publish your comment".


Romney and Edwards

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kelly-esque Customer Service

It is very strange for me to be married to a Candy Martian. This man knows absolutely everything about the nutrients of food, health, supplements, doping, fitness, etc. etc., and absolutely NOTHING about the beauty of refined sugar. To illustrate, he thinks disgusting purple gummy octopus are somehow comparable to red delicious Swedish Fish. Each time he’s allowed to shop for movie treats, or to venture into an AM/PM to procure candy, I’m reminded that his confectionary confusions are endless. In summary -- I'm picking the wedding cake for our party, alone.

Another thing about Edwards is that he finds bad customer service amusing. He seems to have a neverending array of anecdotes about rude or inept retail experiences to draw from. He doesn’t talk much about good service; but if we happen to step into a place filled with overtly rude or hapless employees he perks up and seems entirely happy. He even talks about hiring such people. One of his favorite employees was apparently a girl named Kelly who was so offensive to customers that she had a cult following. “Sure,” he says. “Sometimes she’d piss customers off so much they wouldn’t come back. But it was entirely worth it because she was so amusing to so many people. She even had her own coupon that went something like, ‘make Kelly mad, get two for one. Make Kelly smile, get three for one.’” Edwards should have been with me today.

I popped into two local bakeries to begin my cake my search. The first shop, Backers, was super nice. I told them I was "just starting" to look for a wedding cake. They handed me their album and said, "Stephanie can answer any questions you have." I had questions and Stephanie had answers. I walked out of Backers Bakery with options, prices, sizes, servings, and a timeline. Great. Thanks, Stephanie.

Next stop was Pierre's. A place with a top notch reputation near our home, where I have previously purchased baked goods without incident. There was a promising wedding cake display with two wedding cake albums, but no one was at the counter so I started to have a look.

After a few minutes, a girl finally emerged from the back. "Hello", I said. "Hey", she mumbles back. "I've just started to look for cakes." "Grunt." Alright, not terribly warm, but no biggie.

They had an option that looked interesting but I had some questions... "Can I ask you some questions?" She looks around as if to suggest “are you talking to me?” "Sure," she answers with a shrug (at this point I am the only customer in the store). "What kind of frosting do you use?" "I don't know. You'll have to call and ask the baker." She then disengages and if she’s got to help someone else but, as I said, there’s no one else in the place. I hadn’t meant to through her off. I would think this a pretty standard query for a store that specializes custom wedding cakes.

“Um, then is there a time when the baker will be here to discuss options?" She looks at me like ‘what? You’re still here.’ "I'll just go ask her, she's in back." (Really? She's in back and you told me to call?) She comes back she says, "We can do any flavor... We can do chocolate." (Hmm, well, that wasn't my question, which was more along the lines of what kind of frosting, like, Fondant or Butter Cream? Guess I could have been more clear...) "Okay... well, do you think I could ask her a few questions?" She looks miffed at why I would want to do such a thing then says, as if I pushed reset, "Let me go ask the baker…" A minute later…"No, she can't answer your questions right now." I want to ask her if her name happens to be Kelly but decide, instead, to actually try and continue my quest.

"Is it best to schedule a time to meet?" "Well, let me go ask the owner if she can talk to you." (So the owner is also in back. Is it strange to think they might want someone in front that knows something about the business?) At this point a mother and daughter have come in very excited to pick cookies. They are being ignored while I’m being treated as such an imposition that the owner needs to be summoned. “Kelly” emerges from the back, "She's not here, you'll have to call." "Okay. No problem." But then a mystery man from the back (how many people are back there?) hands her a cell phone. She rolls her eyes and mouths, "this is her." The part of the conversation I can hear goes like this... "There is a woman here who wants to talk to someone about a wedding cake.... Yes, I know all of that, that's why I'm calling... fine, okay." Hang-up. Then to me, "I'll have to get her card so you can call..." (Have to? From where? Aren’t we IN her business already?) Now there are three additional customers in the shop, also all being ignored. She has to walk to the other end of the counter to get the card. When she gets there one of the customers says, "Hello." She completely ignores him. She walks back and explains what number I'll need to call. "Great. Thanks." No, I won't be calling. But my husband, I’m quite certain, would.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Party, Gift Registry, and Stuff

Not to be assumptive, but people have been asking where we're registered, so...

To re-iterate, we really don't need much. In fact, we've spent the last month getting rid of stuff. We could have used some things before our move (probably why people have weddings prior to buying their house together) but that stuff has been purchased so the house looks nice when you get here. Maybe we should set up a reverse registery where you can buy the stuff in our garage we're selling.

We do, however, really want/need a Tandem Bicycle. We are trying to find the best deal, best design, best color, best fit, but with our rings, wedding, and new home, new landlord status (when are rents going to adjust around here?) this is a distant hope without your help. Anything from $5 to $5,000 will be met with immense gratitude. It seems impolite to ask for cash donations, but we swear it will be going straight to something tangible (or necessary, depending on your interpretation).

To offer you a more traditional option... we have also registered our few needs at You can find our registry under either of our names. Be assured, anything on this list we really do want and need--okay, maybe the Saeco coffee grinder is a little over the top but Edwards says we should support them becaues they sponsored a pro bike team for years.

Finally, creative and innovative gifts are always welcome, of course. We particularly encourage Salt Lake City locals to shop Local First. A list of locally owned businesses can be found at Please keep in mind, we combined two adult households. There was a lot more purging than buying. We don't have room for much, though Edwards did find space to squeeze a tandem into the garage.

For you out of towners, please rsvp asap, especially if you'd like to stay at the Monaco. We should be able to get rooms there for around $120/night. We'll probably have dinner/drinks at their restaurant on Friday night.

pic: bike wash day. seriously, we need more bikes. there are only two more out in the garage.

Monday, April 28, 2008

SLC Accomodations

We'd love to house all of you but we can't, so here are our recommendations.

a. Hotel Monaco: In the heart of Downtown, this boutique, award winning eco-friendly hotel is the best way to experience Salt Lake City. Because we rule this town, we were able to get our guests a special Romney/Edwards wedding rate, but you must let us know ASAP if you would like to stay here. The rate will not be more than $200. Likely closer to $120. Has an excellent restaurant and cocktail lounge. Doesn't just take dogs but encourages them. Romney says, "I would live in this hotel if I could." Ratso says, "wooooooooo."

b. Marriott University Park: You will need to book this on The rate there is very good. $89.00 per night. This hotel has excellent access to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and the highways that get you into the canyons and Park City.

c. Super 8 on 600S: Cheap, wi-fi'd, takes dogs, across the street from Brewvies where you can get a burger, pitcher, and film for under 20 bucks. Edwards says, "If I were looking for crack in SLC, this is where I'd start."

Summary: Everyone should stay at the Monaco but both it and the Super 8 are essentially downtown and freeway access between 600S and 2300 E (where we live) is dead easy and quick. A slew of other hotels are here, too. The Marriot is up near the university and a killer deal but less convenient for everything except riding your bike--but it's excellent for that. It's even excellent for riding your bike to our house and, while not far from our place, you will need to go through a few stops lights if in a car.

Email or call and we'll try and arrange things. We'll have at least one extra car and we should be able to arrange shuttling people around a bit. Let us know asap if you'd like to stay at the Monaco. The more people we get the better our rate is likely to be.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Mark your calendars. We've announced a date for our first party/reception. It will be May 31st. Details to follow but if you've found your way to this page you can be fairly certain that we'd love to see you here. Please let us know if you'd like help arranging anything. For those of you from out of town we will make it a weekend so pack your bikes, boots, and traveling bar.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Don't Call It "The Burbs"

Let's call it "Canyon Rim" or "Campaign Headquarters", just please don't call it the suburbs.

We moved to our new home in Canyon Rim. The convenience of living with my husband would be OUTSTANDING... if we had gas for heat and hot water (Edwards is working on this). Right now, the convenience of "family movie night" is pretty impressive, all of us curled up watching a most enjoyable cycling moving called, The Flying Scotsman." It is pretty cool. We really are married.

Moving went smoothly, unpacking is coming along, and decorating is just a thrill that Edwards can't seem to get enough of!

Here a few pictures. Schedule your visits to our guest room soon!
Guest room
pantry with drink supplies for our guests
Edwards at work in the half-unpacked office
Ratso staying out of the way down in his "cave"

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Beata, it means "the blessed" in Latin and "newest addition to our family" in Romney-Edwards speak. She was my beautiful little pit-bull/probably Vizsla mix whom I had to give up a few years ago. Today, we got her back.

Ratso "likes" her. Of course, he's hoarding toys and just made it clear she is not to touch his ball. Our sweet little Pit is pretending like she couldn't clobber his 13 year old butt and defering to the older, wiser dog who gets to be off-lease when she doesn't. She's not stupid.

She's seven, and still a spaz. She's bilingual, fluent in Irish (Gaelic) and English commands, and will make an excellent running partner for Edwards. Oh, and the treasure we buried just got a little safer, because if Ratso snarling isn't scary enough, the blood thirsty pit bull should be. Thieves and Scallywags beware!

Of course, good people and their puppies need not worry, because she is super sweet and happy. Probably just happy to be home.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Bad Habit

I woke up to this message from my wife, who is away at a conference in Baltimore. “I knew something cool was about to happen when I got all giddy about my new friend who did not want to sleep with me. So cool that now I cannot sleep without him.” Not sleeping in Baltimore probably doesn’t seem odd to anyone versed in the work of John Waters, but this inspired me to shed a little light on the story of us.

Lisa and I have always been inseparable, in the most serendipitous kind of way. We just didn’t always act on it. We met through our friend Marti, most randomly, and spent an entire night talking. She asked me to walk her home. Rae Dawn (my fixie) and I happily acquiesced. She was special, I could tell. But no moves were made. No info exchanged. We were both just out of relationships and I was quite content to be doing my own thing. Besides, I knew I’d see her again.

We’d meet randomly at hippie (Alchemy, our local coffee house) with Marti and the Gym Jones gang. We’d gravitate towards each other until we found ourselves alone, the others long departed, bantering endlessly about politics, social issues, music, bad (and even sometimes good) movies. The MST3K connection was too much.

“Let’s get back to this Mystery Science Theatre thing.” We opened our phones.

“Romney, like the Presidential candidate?”

“Edwards, like the Presidential candidate?”

Our first email interaction made me smile. She could write, too—an elusive talent in this day and age. And the banter exchange accelerated.

We transitioned to another phase with no hesitancy but plenty of reserve. I was referred to as her “bad habit,” which suited us just fine. We were single; and committed to stay that way. Ben heard her reference apologized. “No,” I said. “It’s perfect.”

But it wasn’t perfect. As much as we tried to avoid it, life was better as Romney/Edwards. Our resolve was weak. When one wouldn’t call; the other would. We accelerated. And this wasn’t a part of either of our plans.

“We should just get married or go back to being friends.”

A quip is all it was. But it, too, accelerated because we both knew that it was true. The problem was that we were good together. Really good. A different experience for both of us; one that didn’t fit into our immediate plans. We weren’t ready. The latter was enacted.

It was a disaster.

You can’t plan love. You can’t plan life. Not if you’re an explorer, anyways, and we were both decidedly that. So we switched to the former and nothing I’ve ever done has seemed so natural.

There was only one thing left to do….

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cosi fan tutte

Our campaign had one evening in Zurich and the polls suggested that we spend it kissing hands and shaking babies downtown. This put us within heal-toe,ing distance of the Opernhaus Zurich. (the opera house). Cosi fan tutte is how I know I've picked the perfect running mate...

It wasn't just the flawless acoustics and brilliant performances that made this the most memorable opera of my life. It was sitting next to my perfectly capable, athletic, little boy of a husband, whose idea it was to go that night, and knowing that I want him sitting next to me forever.

Apologies, don't vomit, cut me some slack. After a marriage ceremony that started with a quote from U2's "Still haven't found what I'm looking for," (not shittin' ya) attending the opera was the perfect way to spend the last night of our honeymoon in Zurich. AND, we walked home along cobblestone streets in lightly falling snow... you can't fault me for being sentimental.

Skiing Under The Eiger And Posting On Our Blog

Sorry these pics suck but a camera phone was all we had whilst skiing. Nice scenery, no? The ski area is epic. Romney, who's a much better skier than I am, hurt her knee on day two (well, it was hurt before--sorry, Kevin, we've been way slacking on taking care of it but we will now) which squelched our plan to do a huge ski tour. From our hotel you can ski down one mountain, tram and train up the other side to the Schilthorn (from James Bond's On Her Majesty's Secret Service--oh, the bad film references just won't stop in our lives, which is what happens when MST3K is the catalyst for your relationship), ski down that entire mountain, tram over another, ski down that one, up another, down it, then take the train back up to the Kleine Schedeigg. It's like a massive ski mountaineering tour except you don't have to walk up. In the pic you pretty much ski everything in site, which is all included in one ski pass.

Since some pretty computer saavy people have been having trouble commenting I'm going to post instructions. If it still doesn't work just send us an email and we'll post for you. First off, the comments are in a pop-up window so if you have those blocked you need to allow them on the site. Then you just follow the prompts. Write you comment and choose Name/URL as the posting option, which will allow you to add your name. You don't need to fill in the second line. That should be it or, for a more appropriate film reference, picture Freitag pointing to his proposed new route on the Eiger and casual waving at the steepest and most intimidating part of the face and saying, "Then it's up to the top."

Yep, piece of cake. Just remember; a climber always brings home his dead.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Video, Slide Show, And Other Updates

We finally have the web page looking nice and a formal announcement will be made soon. So far, only family and a few friends have been in the loop. Check out the video page. The lower link has higer res images but no effects or music.

The video takes you with us on our wedding day: shopping (because Delta sucks), getting married, riding trains, playing in the mountains, and an impromptu party with super excited ski instructors. It was "PERFECT!"

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Apple Cake and Other Feats of Swiss Engineering

We were finishing dinner at the Bellevue Des Alps one evening when our waitress asked if we would like for dessert "a little Apple Cake..." Oh yes! my head bobbed enthusiastically! Oh yes!

The image my american mind conjured was something along the lines of a light apple-y carrot cake, but I just knew that wasn't what we were about to get. What did we get? Imagine a sugar donut. Now put a cored apple in the middle. This is "apple cake." Awesome.

I saw the history of building the train up the Jungfrau on a tourist video, on the train. It goes like this, "One man had a dream. 300 workers and decade later, they tunneled through the Eiger, created viewing points out the face, and continued on up to 'the top of Europe' where they hollowed out the glacier and built a restaurant, research station, and a house." Awesome.

Why would they do this? One drunk guy in a bar convinced 300 of his drunk friends to chissle away inside one of the most beautiful mountains in the world for over ten years? How much Brandy would that take?

And... I'm not even going to start on the trams and cable cars... the swiss will never cease to amaze me. Situated in the heart of Europe, they stayed out of the wars didn't they? Awesome.