Monday, March 31, 2008

Video, Slide Show, And Other Updates

We finally have the web page looking nice and a formal announcement will be made soon. So far, only family and a few friends have been in the loop. Check out the video page. The lower link has higer res images but no effects or music.

The video takes you with us on our wedding day: shopping (because Delta sucks), getting married, riding trains, playing in the mountains, and an impromptu party with super excited ski instructors. It was "PERFECT!"


alan bell said...

Dude! You look like a happy couple. Will Lisa let a vagrant ex-climber/ has been mtn-bikers stay over at the new house? I think I need to come out there this spring and check out the riding.



Romney said...

What kind of evil temptress do you think I am? Friendly vagrant has-beens are always welcome. ~lisa

bruce & alisa said...


Congratuations! That's awesome news. No doubt many ladies will now have to hold out hope for george long as Ratso approves it's all good! Look forward to keeping up on things via the campaign site.

We've settled on a one year sabbatical to the good ole south of France starting in october. We've rented a great house in the Aveyron, northest of Toulouse, and plan on doing nothing but relaxing, improving our french and riding bikes. Travis Sevilla is teaching for us and we're au revoir. I'll keep you updated and Alisa will be blogging on her site. You'll have to visit...

Best wishes and congratulations encore.


mike sudo said...

Hey Steve:

Congrats I'm really happy for you. You've been a great inspiration on my life. I'm still in La Grange.

Going to do my first duatholon in Camp Pendleton 5k 30k bike 5k run.

Best wishes,

remko said...

Hello Steve,

Congratulations! And say hi to Romney from Remko.

Can you believe that I was just having breakfast, and meanwhile checked e-mail (before I have to run to work, I still work as Physical Therapist 3 days a week). Took care of a few things. Went back to the computer to write you a note and see that an e-mail came in from.... you. Crazy.

Are you still in Europe? Where?

Anyway I wanted to write you a note about our new project. We will race the Tour de Georgia with our team (me just as soigneur, I am still racing, but organising is taking too much time to be competitive at that level, however sometimes...). And the exciting thing about it is that GE is sponsoring us! Only for the Tour de Georgia, but we hope we can convince them to continue a cooperation afterwards...

Have a great time! And see you sometime, maybe in Europe? Or Georgia? Or somewhere else.


Francis and Remko

new site:
(soon with club membership again)

John Middendorf said...

Congratulations! You two look beautiful together. Best to both of you!

John Middendorf (college chum of Lisa's)

Patrick said...

Congrats Manny!
Here's to you and your lovely bride.
Wishing you guys the very best.
Take Care,

Trent and Dawn said...

Congratulations! Looks like a great trip and a cool way to get married. Once you guys get settled here in SLC, we should get together.

Louie Anderson said...

Steve -

We've been out of touch for a bit, so this caught me by surprise.

Carla and I have been together for over 19 years now and I can say from experience that finding the right person to spend your life with enriches everything.

Best to you both...

- Louie

jan sovich said...

Steve Edwards, Congratulations my man! Super-stoked for you. Who is the wonderful lady and when do we get to meet her? I am so happy for the both of you and may all the days to come be filled with joy, laughter and all great things big and small. Fantastic email and will have to see it more completely again. Schatzi and Taylor are in St. George Utah right now and I will share the news with her.
All the best, Jan

pat schlosser said...

Congratulations! You both seem to be floating in the pictures- not quite touching down. Only the most amazingly happy float. Well done. You have a place to stay in the high desert anytime. We are on the way from Salt Lake to somewhere.


end2end said...

I'm sure Elizabeth will figure out how to blog soon, in the meantime a message from ol' Danger will have to suffice.
You both make marriage look glamorously romantic, and the Swiss Alps certainly amp the loveliness factor. A wonderful elopement!
Congratulations! Lisa, you look radiantly happy. Good work Steve.

Ted (Rokrover) said...

Wow - CONGRATULATIONS Steve & Lisa! All the very best to you both.

I never thought the quintessential unconventional bloke would become conventional? At least my beady eye noted your alter-ego Dr. Jonathan Hemlock in a picture (naturally, right).

My three-word advice - stay in Switzerland. Surely by now you are on some watch list of "thought criminals" and a danger to freedom as being redefined this very moment. Our only hope - may your campaign succeed.


Edwards said...

If you're having trouble posting just send us an email and we can post it. Don't know what the issue is but just got a note about problems posting. Ted seems impressed with our growing list of has been climbers (my words, not his, and I'm kidding. I know we've all still got a big ascent in there somewhere).

I just tried posting it to your blog - previewed OK but seems to be lost after hitting "publish" even after "refresh"

Note Louie and Middendorf there - good company, eh. Also a Bouchard - my Son is engaged to a Lindsay Bouchard from Ann Arbor.
Probably no relation

Edwards said...

One more thing. When you try and post hit the "Name/URL" option, which will allow you to add your name. Or you can use Anonymous and sign it, or your Blogger ID if you'd like your profile to show. One of my most computer-literate friends just emailed, so there must be a problem somewhere.

Alan Bell said...

Romney you be one hell of an evil temptress to bag Steve! And I mean that in the best of ways. He has never been the type to settle for less if you know what I mean?

I look forward to spending time with you two. Oh by the way I have a baby on the way.

Jim said...

Lisa Romney-Edwards?
Steve Edwards-Romney?
And will you name your first born Boutros-Boutros?

Romney said...

Boutros, Boutros, Boutros!

Thank you for not breeding,

Tanya Girouard said...


Such wonderful news..... I can't wait to get together so you can
tell me all about it....