Saturday, March 15, 2008


How do people have weddings? Our non-wedding "impromptu" trip to Switzerland has engulfed most of our life over the last month or so. This has a lot to do with the oh-so particular Swiss and their love of everything being just so--we even had to fly to San Francisco just to sign something in front of an certified Swiss person. Well, that and buying a new house. And work. Actually, keeping this from work is harder than keeping it from family. We're just about to get on the plane and hope they don't lose our luggage. We'll never find Eiger Sanction clothing in Grindelwald.

We'll write more later. This was really just an excuse to post cute pics of the family.


David and Janette Nussbaumer said...

Steve and Lisa,
You guys look amazingly happy, just like two beautiful people in love. The Elopement sounds romantic and fairytell-like.
Wish we could have been there on your magical day.We wish you much happiness as you start your awesome life together.

We look forward to congratulating you in person. Enjoy your Honeymoon.

Lots of Love,
David and Janette

kadonis said...

Dear #1 Son, Stephen & your beautiful wife, Lisa,

We think:
"It's wonderful, it's marvelous, that you should fall in love.
It's awfully nice, it's paradise, viewing the Eiger ice.
We dreamed our son would find a wife; who'd befriend him on his trail of life - Oh how nice~
It's wonderful, marvelous, that you are now married"

We are overwhelmingly happy for you both and can't wait to meet you, Lisa, and welcome you and your family into our family. We are all ecstatic.

Thanks to you both for dreaming up this fabulously creative way to tell your story of ROMNEY-EDWARDS 2008. Everyone is amazed at the depth of information you have provided & giving us the answers to many of our questions before we asked them. (Although we have quite a few MORE questions!!)

Thanks for shocking our socks off, and for this awesome and thrilling true-life love story. May your lives be continually enriched by the love you share.

We love you,

Mom and Dad Edwards