Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eiger Birds

Today we take the train up to our hotel at Kleine Scheidegg, which is the only way to reach the Bellevue des Alpes. No doubt some of you will recognize this place as a condemned man's last wish but at this point we're not thinking about what will happen if we can't cling to the edges.

We awoke to a post-solstace snow storm so it's unlikely that our ground man will allow us to climb. Since my wife's a real brick shit house, I'm sure Freitag will be okay if his plan isn't accepted. With the newest American on the team we still haven't decided who is to be the leader.

Here are a few pics from yesterday...


lisa said...

I think it's important you lead.

I also think it's important that I tell my friends and family that this is all a reference to the film, The Eiger Sanction. There will be a viewing party to come... you too Scotty.

Reed said...

Married! Married! Married! (say it in astonishment to the tune of "Refund! Refund! Refund!)

Your the last person I expected to get married, besides Bob, of course.

I just imagin someone bringing Marriage up and you saying:
“Um, there’s something you have to understand about the Dude.”

Well, I haven’t talked to you much lately, but your wedding announcement was completely unexpected. Romney must be one special girl. I can't wait to meet her. When's the party?

Congratulations to the both of you. When’s the party? Count me in.


ps: Did I mention anything about a party?

Dexter Rutecki said...

I just spent the last two hours watching the World Championship of Ping-Pong. The Chinese got a great team this year. Get your head together man, I thought we were training for the Powder 8?

Phil Requist said...

Any day I wake up at 6:00 am is going to be weird. Clearly, today is no different. I haven't had coffee yet, so I'm not sure this is actually happening, but in case it is, congratulations.

"If anything goes wrong, Steve will be my constant." -Me

Josh said...

So, I read your email this morning. Then, figuring it must be the DTs since I hadn't had a drink in like 5 hours, I decided to get my coffee up on its feet. Then I re-read your email, and the damn thing still reads the same. I decided clearly what I needed was to clear my head a bit, so I skied up to the summit of Saddle Peak, had a couple of belts of whiskey while praying to the six directions, of course, and skied back to the truck. When I got home, I re-read the friggin' email again and it still said the same thing. I printed it out, and then used a rocks glass full of bourbon as a magnifying glass to see if there was some kind of hidden message. There wasn't. So, I drank the bourbon and decided to go for a bike ride. I'm out riding my bike, and I pass a bar - and I think, I could use a drink. I stop on in, and order a cocktail and ask the bartender to read the email and see if he interprets it the same way. He reads it. Pours 3 shots. We toast you both and drain our two and then stare at the full glass, and realize that there are two of you. He pours 3 new glasses and we drain our two, leaving your two glasses un-drunk. I can't guarantee they'll still be there when you come to town - but hell, well get some new ones poured. In the meantime, Cheers. ~Josh

Luma said...

Whooohoooo! Congratulations Steve and Lisa!! We can't wait to meet you Lisa - but the pics are a good entree - beeeeautiful. In all ways from all we've heard. Looks like you two are in heaven. This was such exciting, intriguing news and we couldn't be happier for you both!!! Much rejoicing going on over here (after we got over the initial...OMG) Leave it to Beav, well in this case Wally for knocking our socks OFF. Sisters are lagging big time behind their bro's. India and now the Eiger sanction? Hard acts to follow. Oh and also totally love your new digs in SLC. Ratso will never be bitter again (once you've come back home that is).
Lotsolove, Kristen

Denis Faye said...

It's all so beautiful that I'm going to cry!

When are you two going to start spawning the Master Race?

Are you registered anywhere? What initials do I get engraved on the fine china or whatever?

Elder David Romney said...

Bikkuri shimashita...
Well, that in Japanese is ''I was surprised.'' Congratulations! In switzerland? Well, Edwards and Romney, maybe you'll run one day together and win. Since Mitt and John seemed to fail. It is so glad to see you happy. So are you still in Europe? I'm still out in japan. You should send me some pictures because I cannot look them up on the internet. I always did like following the rules. But I do really want to see pictures of my lovely sister on her wonderful day. So PLEASE send me pictures. I also checked my watch to make sure it was not April 1st. So CONGRATULATIONS! I hope the best for you. What made him the ''only choice'' When you met him? Well congratulations again, I cant think of the english to express my feelings well enough. OMEDETOU GOZAIMASU!

Anonymous said...


Done in Edwards' Style!

I approve!

Are you registered at some porn site or a cytosports like deal?

Do you think you can pop out 5 children for/before your 50th



Go Fast, Enjoy More.

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Bink said...

First off, congratulations. You both look very happy in and amongst the Swiss.

Quinn and I are fairly surprised, but for some reason Marcus thinks it all makes perfect sense. He says we're encumbered by preconceived notions, but he's usually full of shit.

Have a great trip, keep updating the blog, and think of a good answer to, "WTF?!"


ps-So I watched the "Sanction" again, you know, just to see where you're at.

I think I'm gonig to have to watch it again to really comment, but I'm pretty sure Dragon started out like Bob.


The Unwashed Masses

Mom Rita said...

Boy the love chemicals deep within your brains must be getting a great workout! I am glad your wedding day was so profound, beautiful, and half way around the world in such breathtaking beauty. Much love to both of you! I do have one question for Edwards though, so please pardon my French. What does "real brick shithouse mean" in reference to my beautiful daughter?

Mom Rita said...

Yuck, I see typos in my note! Oh well, think of it as my calling card. Sorry about that. I hope I didn't ruin the blog!

The Empressario said...

Jesus, weren't you around in the 70s? That's the highest form of flattery you'd ever hear at my climbing school turned swinging singles resort. Now I can't get Montaine's wife outta my head so I'm going to have to get George to take me out for a workout.

Meanwhile, I'll have another.

Ben Beaumon

steve edwards said...

Thank you so much for your comment! Seriously, though, we're not kidding when we suggest that you watch the Eiger Sanction. If you don't get around to it we'll have it in stock when you visit.