Sunday, March 30, 2008

Apple Cake and Other Feats of Swiss Engineering

We were finishing dinner at the Bellevue Des Alps one evening when our waitress asked if we would like for dessert "a little Apple Cake..." Oh yes! my head bobbed enthusiastically! Oh yes!

The image my american mind conjured was something along the lines of a light apple-y carrot cake, but I just knew that wasn't what we were about to get. What did we get? Imagine a sugar donut. Now put a cored apple in the middle. This is "apple cake." Awesome.

I saw the history of building the train up the Jungfrau on a tourist video, on the train. It goes like this, "One man had a dream. 300 workers and decade later, they tunneled through the Eiger, created viewing points out the face, and continued on up to 'the top of Europe' where they hollowed out the glacier and built a restaurant, research station, and a house." Awesome.

Why would they do this? One drunk guy in a bar convinced 300 of his drunk friends to chissle away inside one of the most beautiful mountains in the world for over ten years? How much Brandy would that take?

And... I'm not even going to start on the trams and cable cars... the swiss will never cease to amaze me. Situated in the heart of Europe, they stayed out of the wars didn't they? Awesome.



Nussbaumers said...

I am happy to hear you guys made it back happy and safe. Can't wait to hear about the cable cars and Delta!

mike and jen said...

Congrats. Everyone was expecting something like this from the likes of you?? It was just a couple of months ago that Bink was speculating on some hunch that you might be scheming a wedding getaway. Anyways, the Andes look great and I hope to get up the Trango some day soon- perhaps a road trip is in order. I will be renting the Sanction within the next week; it's been far too long. Thanks for the update.
We've been going to the gym with the little monsters and hope to get outside to explore Smith when the weather warms up. Bend is treating us well and I hope you guys can make it out sometime.
Rock on,

brittany griffith said...

Congratulations! When do I get to celebrate with you and yours?
Going to Cali tomorrow, but will be back by the end of the week.

Are you back yet?

jordan smith said...

That is absolutely awesome news. What an awesome honeymoon. Incredible pictures. Great website too. I'm sure you will have a long and happy marriage buddy! You have a lovely lady there.

I had coffee at Peet's with Kurt and Bob Simon a couple of weeks ago. Kurt is recovering from a broken ankle. It would be great to go for a ride again. What do you think about a Rockies tour this summer if you get that new tandem?

Anonymous said...

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