Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Skiing Under The Eiger And Posting On Our Blog

Sorry these pics suck but a camera phone was all we had whilst skiing. Nice scenery, no? The ski area is epic. Romney, who's a much better skier than I am, hurt her knee on day two (well, it was hurt before--sorry, Kevin, we've been way slacking on taking care of it but we will now) which squelched our plan to do a huge ski tour. From our hotel you can ski down one mountain, tram and train up the other side to the Schilthorn (from James Bond's On Her Majesty's Secret Service--oh, the bad film references just won't stop in our lives, which is what happens when MST3K is the catalyst for your relationship), ski down that entire mountain, tram over another, ski down that one, up another, down it, then take the train back up to the Kleine Schedeigg. It's like a massive ski mountaineering tour except you don't have to walk up. In the pic you pretty much ski everything in site, which is all included in one ski pass.

Since some pretty computer saavy people have been having trouble commenting I'm going to post instructions. If it still doesn't work just send us an email and we'll post for you. First off, the comments are in a pop-up window so if you have those blocked you need to allow them on the site. Then you just follow the prompts. Write you comment and choose Name/URL as the posting option, which will allow you to add your name. You don't need to fill in the second line. That should be it or, for a more appropriate film reference, picture Freitag pointing to his proposed new route on the Eiger and casual waving at the steepest and most intimidating part of the face and saying, "Then it's up to the top."

Yep, piece of cake. Just remember; a climber always brings home his dead.


DB said...

Well, congratulations to you both and best wishes to a ravishing looking bride. I must say, Romney-Edwards looks like quite the ticket. And it beats chasing George around the foothills all day. Let me know if you're back in this area before June. We'll open "Anna Christie" at the Bullet in New York 7/9 and run four weeks, after which we'll seguey into J.P.Shandley's "Savage in Limbo" and I'll crawl backto Santa Barbara with my big city humidity savaged tail between my legs at the end of August.

Semper Ratso and 'Aloha' to you both; may the Duke's blessing be on you.


alice rietveld said...

What a surprise!! That's so exciting! Congratulations!

karen t'kint said...

Holy schamolie, you've taken the plunge!
I'm so happy for you. Any trips to CA to introduce the bride?
I was half expecting to run into you at the Red Rocks Rendezvous, but obviously you had better things to do.
Can't wait to fill you in on Beaver's plans for his 50th B-day challenge - a small support crew is already formed. Events include ice plant snowboarding and drag racing. More on that later.
Gotta run.

molly meade hall said...

Holy shit you're married!!! Congratulations!!!

Michel J. Le Duff, MA said...

Hey Steve,

All my congratulations to the two of you (even though I don’t recall ever meeting Lisa)!

Have fun on that world tour…


david potter said...

Holy cow. Congratulations. If you need help with the Romney Edwards street team in Portland... Wait. You're already married? You sly devil.

megan said...

Awsome! What a surprise. Although, i would expect nothing less. I'm really happy for you both. Looking forward to meeting lisa. I'm sure we'll land in salt lake some day soon. It's been a good year for things themed eiger. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more. Loved the video and all the pics.

I'll raise a glass-

Love- Megan

megan polk said...

Congratulations Steve!!! That’s so awesome, I’m so happy for you!

I couldn’t figure out how to comment on the webpage so I’m just sending you an email.