Saturday, March 15, 2008


Welcome to our blog. As these are modern times (or end times, depending on your perspective), our journey is being recorded electronically only. In the event of upcoming apocalypse, we'll wander the wastelands anonymously; our iron and platinum wedding bands the only surviving vestiges of these halcyon days of excess. But we'll survive, because we are good at survival. And we're even better together.

In the event we don't end up in a nuclear pissing contest with the Middle East, our excess doesn't render the atmosphere beyond the realm of human breathability, the toxic waste being dumped in the oceans doesn't throw nature's balance into a chaotic state where ancient sea monsters again rule the survival of the fittest smorgasbord as the oceans engulf our land masses until all of our Utah properties are beach front...well, then, we'll just continue about our business of traveling, skiing, climbing, riding, going to operas, openings, festivals, fundraisers, while working to better our society and exploring our world, kickin' it with Tuco, and hangin' in our favorite coffee house(s).

Assuming the latter, this blog is where we'll post the chronicles of our trip to Switzerland, the events that follow, and how we plan to meet up with all of our friends and family in the upcoming months. Sign our guestbook by commenting on any of our posts. We'll be honored to hear from you.

Lisa and Steve


Anonymous said...

Edwards is insane and wrote this long before I woke up to stop him. I wouldn't have stopped him. Welcome to our blog.

Todd said...

Edwards writes: 'Also, nobody knows about this yet so don't squawk.'

My response:
Squawk? What's in it for me? I was just talking to Kay and Kit-Kat the other day. Don't be surprised to see the Edwards clan hanging out on, or in, the Eiger where Hemlock made his escape. "Don, you're limping".

B is everywhere. I don't think we'll make it out. I've got zilch for money and my part-time teaching contract ends this month. On top of that, my US loans will have to be paid. So it may be back to insurance after all. Say, sounds like Romney and Edwards should consolidate their auto, home and life policies. I can get you a good deal.

Walter Neff

John Ehrenfeld said...

We all expect to see some serious saving the world crap from you two denizens of altruism, so get the fun over with and get to work. By the way, did Ratso fly business?

captaingranitic said...

I thought I saw something from high on the North Face. It looked like the Nazis were assembling for a counter strike, just over the hill from your celebration. Also a skier being chased by M-16 toting thugs. They wore ski masks, but he was fabulous.

Be Prepared! Stay Vigilant! Never stop fighting the good fight!

And, can someone toss me a rope? Seems I'm off route.


Anonymous said...

is friggin hilarious.