Thursday, March 27, 2008

Like Camelot

We just got home and will blog a bit more about our trip once we're caught up with work, life, etc. For now all we can say is that someone must be smiling on us (though it's not Delta). Anyway, the problems with our airline can wait wait to be discussed. We had perfect conditions for our entire trip. It was idyllic. Truly there could be no more beautiful place on earth than where we were married and spent our first few days. It was Camelot.
Above pic: getting a little fuzzy prior to exchanging our vows.
The view from our hotel window at Kleine Schedeigg, under the Eiger.
Gina Lollobrigida's got nothin' on Romney.
Agent Wormwood looking to exchange some microfilm in Zurich

Lisa under the Eiger and then in one of the train tunnels on the face."Why would they build something like this? The Swiss are insane."
Edwards in ice tunnels under the Jungfrau.
Lisa on the Jungfrau.The wall of the Bellevue des Alpes, under the Eiger.


Marti Denkers said...
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DJ Baxter said...

Holy SHIT! Congratulations! That's awesome.

Great web page!

nancy prichard bouchard said...

WOW!!!! Congratulations. What fantastic news. Lisa's beautiful. I don't THINK I've met she a climber, biker, runner????
Will you parents finally get some grandchildren? What a great place to get married. You are so smart to elope....I'm so happy for you!

Wowy Kazowie said...
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Marti Denkers said...

I knew it. The things a botched Greek festival/ consolation dinner at Toscana won't do to people.

Enjoy each other a little less, please.


Anonymous said...

Wowy Kazowie said...

You SO owe me! I mean I'm not going to take ALL the credit for your marriage...however it does seem karmically correct that the moment I am finally single and ready to start the are MARRIED! This is exactly what happened last time I wanted to date you as well. Ahhh Karma.

Hey, Congratulations times double. That is wonderful and awesome news. Truly that is great to hear and I'm so glad you found someone to be happy with. Your pictures looked great on your website and he even seems cute. God bless (if you believe in that sort of thing...which I don't and neither do you, but it seems appropriate still).

Any time you'd like to do lunch/dinner or skiing, let me know. As always it would be my pleasure.

Again, Congratulations on your marriage. That is wonderful and I wish for you the best always.