Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cosi fan tutte

Our campaign had one evening in Zurich and the polls suggested that we spend it kissing hands and shaking babies downtown. This put us within heal-toe,ing distance of the Opernhaus Zurich. (the opera house). Cosi fan tutte is how I know I've picked the perfect running mate...

It wasn't just the flawless acoustics and brilliant performances that made this the most memorable opera of my life. It was sitting next to my perfectly capable, athletic, little boy of a husband, whose idea it was to go that night, and knowing that I want him sitting next to me forever.

Apologies, don't vomit, cut me some slack. After a marriage ceremony that started with a quote from U2's "Still haven't found what I'm looking for," (not shittin' ya) attending the opera was the perfect way to spend the last night of our honeymoon in Zurich. AND, we walked home along cobblestone streets in lightly falling snow... you can't fault me for being sentimental.


Annebelle Hawkins said...

Ha Ha... Holy Shit!!!! We had no idea you were getting married. Awe... Congratulations!!!!! You are a lovely amazing woman and deserve all the happiness in the world. Your website is amazing. I can't wait to show Josh. He's gonna love it. Congrats again Mrs. Edwards, and we'll be donating to your tandum fund!!!

Art Roscoe said...

Lisa and Stephen,
Congrats for running the most successful campaign of the 08 season. We look forward to an administration based on love, warmth, kindness, compassion, and free booze. Please let us know when your schedule frees up enough that you can make a trip to Huntsville. We'd love to entertain you at the best B and B in north eastern Weber County.

Art Roscoe and Nancy Nightingale

PAX Natura said...

Wow, now that seems like a winning combination I could support!!! Congratulations!!!! With best wishes and love,

Randall Tolpinrud

Eric Jergensen said...


Looks like he's a great fellow. Of course, you wouldn't do anything different.

Call when you have a moment. I'd like to get caught up.

Yolanda Francisco-Nez said...


Cara Lingstuyl said...

OK, on April Fool's Day? I'm finding this hard to believe.

It does look like it was a lot of fun and you look incredibly happy. So, congrats if this is not a April 1st joke. I read through the whole website, you guys did a great job on that, and your vows are incredibly sweet. Canyon Rim huh? That's where we're looking as well. I'm glad to know I'll have a babysitter nearby. Mike asked if this means you want B back. . . bastard. She's so great, I want to keep her myself. . .


I have B for a week starting Saturday, so, we definitely have to go for walkies now. . .


Sarah Fullmer said...

WOW Lisa!!!
You both look so happy (and you look gorgeous, I might
I wish you all the best. Thanks for keeping me updated on your exciting news!!

(do you think I used enough exclamation points in this
message? I just wanted you to know how excited I am
for you :)


Melanie Reif said...

Lisa, congratulations to you and Steve! What exciting news! I loved the photos, video, everything! Cheers to you both -- this is fabulous news for all Independants! Much love and happiness forever, Melanie Reif

Dave Buhler said...

Now that's a winning ticket! Congratulations and much happiness!

Nandra Courtright said...

Lisa, Lisa, Congratulations! I am not surprised to see that a very smart "fella" has caught a wonderful, fun, person like you! It gives me hope! Please keep in touch.

jason mullins said...

You look so bloomin’ happy.

Congrats you dawg.


Edwards said...

My wife rocks!

leeanne said...

Hey Punk -
Thought you "newlyweds" would enjoy our horse of the year, Curlin's latest race (see attached video - play with volume up). Jess and Barbara are still in Europe but are proud parents of this rare creature. People are talking like he's another Secretariat type...he is simply amazing to watch & they said that after the race he wasn't even tired & it was some 90+ degrees in Dubai. I know you both appreciate a good athlete & this is the ultimate after winning the Breeders Cup last fall. Moreover, while its fun to have such a winner Jess and Barbara are leading the way on some really admirable initiatives to cure the industry (anti steroid/doping legislation, curing broker fraud which has been historically a norm in the industry, jockey & horse safety, etc.)

MOST importantly, sorry I've been remiss in congratulating you two! What a shocker! But after I got my voice back (I was TOTALLY speechless) & then finished screaming hoorah at the top of my lungs....I took at look at your pics to see you are a beautiful couple and seem incredibly well suited for each other - LOVE the website & pics of your Swiss sojourn. I can't wait to meet Lisa and am simply happy to hear and see you so happy. Utterly cool and I can't believe how you pulled the whole thing off - gosh, even in India when you were clearly smitten :) - I had no idea you were this serious. Applaud!!! You are two busy and productive people. I am in awe. Mom and Dad are so ecstatic too so thanks for bringing us all a little something special to smile about!!!

Big Love (okay - that's for the Utah in ya!) & two giant hugs from your admiring, congratulatory sistah, Landirs

PS. I'd have sent you a celebratory magnum by now but unfortunately your ascetic - albeit fabulous in every other way - State won't allow me that pleasure, so you'll clearly have to make a visit to our more hedonistic wonderland in Nor Cal.

Curlin wins 2008 Dubai World Cup VIDEO on You Tube SEE ATTACHED


paul king said...

Congrats. Let me know when you're in So Cal. Is there some kind of "Honeymoon Challenge"?

Milda said...

You studs!!! Way to do it the right way.

candice said...

Congratulations!!! Especially if it's not April Fools on us :-)
Welcome to what I call the "Accelerated Growth Workshop"
Have lots of fun!
Wishing you both the best!

Many Smiles and Congrats,

arnould & karen said...

this wasn't a fantastically creative april fools, right?

rachel sorger said...

Awesome! Is this an April Fools joke or for real?!! She is beautiful. I haven't talked to you in a while so, I am not sure if this is for real. Anyhow, how are ya? Wow!!!!

Keep me posted :-)

luminita spectu said...

BIG BIG BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can't tell you how happy I am for you. Dude, you've got a fabulous wife!!!

Casa de piatra! (Romanian for 'house of stone' -- it lasts a lifetime and it's suited to the rough mountain winter weather).


Lynn Griese said...

Hey Steve - When it's your time...it's your time!

Congratulations to you both. I'm so happy that you found someone that really is perfect for you.

Lisa - Thanks for meeting Steve and ensnaring him. It's great to see a wonderful guy like him so happy!

Cara Lingstuyl mentioned something about babysitting? Maybe we will be looking for a house near your new digs. :) Trevor already asks about Uncle Steve and Auntie Wisa all the time.

Love to you both,

ingrid tistaert said...

Whoa, Steve! I just received this e-mail today and my first reaction was that it was an April Fool's Day joke...until I realized that this was sent on March 31.

That said, CONGRATULATIONS! I'm positively stoked for you and Lisa. I love the photo of the two of your kissing behind the reflection. Tres cool.

It's been too long. Check out the attachment of my latest endeavor...


Tiger Funk said...

Well, well, well! I am glad to see someone grabbed you up Lisa. Steve you are a lucky man indeed, and many others will look upon you with envy over the years you and Lisa spend together. Congratulations to you both! I can see you're off to a good start with a very cute little house, I presume some dogs or other critters, and your eye on a tandem. Not a lot of people can speak to the real value of the tandem experience, the science of a big bike, the power of two, and what it can do for your teamwork and communication as a couple. Steve, I presume you'll captain (assuming you're the stronger rider), but always remember she comes first...on and off the bike! I know this well, having been married twice, and currently the owner of two tandems. The first marriage I hadn't learned the value of the lessons a tandem teaches us, but the second marriage I learned to listen, talk, adjust, pace ourselves, start together and end together, be patient, take breaks, pull my own weight, pack light, and stay alert. This all applies on and off a wonderful bike. And it all determines whether you'll have a terrific Sunday afternoon ride with tailwinds both directions or a grueling uphill ride into a headwind with square wheels! Once you think you have it licked, embark on an epic adventure. This will tell you what you've learned. For us, it was Canada to Mexico. Seven life filled weeks of eating cold food, camping every night, days and days without showers, coated with a cocktail of bug repellent and sunscreen, beating snow storms and Arizona heat, competing with motor homes in Yellowstone and drunks in Montana. And sharing the glory of accomplishment in the end. The tell-tail is that we'd do it again in a heartbeat (other than life got in the way, but that's another dissertation). So with that I'll leave you with one final congrats! Good luck and don't fill your house with crap from Wal-Mart! (Now see Lisa, you begin to know a side of me that's not curtailed by the need for professionalism. I hope we can continue on both paths, as friends and colleagues.) All the best to you both. Sincerely, Tiger.

Elise Lazar said...

Dear Lisa and Steve (AKA Mrs. and Mr.!)
So I'm in this grungey little cybernet cafe in Tulum ( small town/
village in the Yucatan) There's probably about 10 computers- most in
use from the Gringos who, like me, feel somewhat disconnected and
just want to quickly open the e mails from those we miss. And I open
your e mail and see this like American flag thing with Romney/Edwards
and I'm thinking well.. this is strange...I thought they were out of
the running... and all of a sudden I let out a HUGE gasp and EVERYONE
turns around! They think it's political and here I am slumped down in
my chair- my mouth still opened and they all say "What Happened!?"And
I say ( like an idiot) "They're Married!!!!!" and they look all the
more befuddled since , after all Romney and Edwards Are both men and,
even stranger, one's a Republican, the other's a Dem ( not a great
match for a congenial marriage).
So, of course, I explained. But I swear I must have read your
announcement and basked over your photos at least 1/2 dozen times. It
was then that I began to coo. So I think I'm 90% thrilled about your
choice to elope and 10% feeling, Well, you little stinkers, you've
stolen our opportunity to witness this momentous event!!!! I do,
however, know that I am 100% thrilled that you are together and
married ( for time and all eternity, isn't that the local
parlance?) . And Jerry dittos my sentiments. CONGRATULATIONS! OUR
So, we, are now, in fact back in SLC- Got in Sunday- and where are
you? And, are you going to the opera and, if so, can we take you both
out for a celebratory brunch at 10:00? We'll be near the University
so anyplace between that and the theatre- your choice. If that
doesn't work out- we've got to figure out something, cuz a
celebration is in order.
x, elise and Jerry
P.S. I just watched the video and actually, it is awesome...I kind of
feel I was there ( sort of).

edwards said...

I'd just like to jump in here and point our that I've never set foot inside of a Wal-Mart (so no worries, Tiger) and through thick or thin will continue to support my local boutique.

As for the tandem metaphor, I'm excited to find out. Bikes are a metaphor for everything in life, right?

Beautiful posts all around. The talent level of our friends is astounding.

Jordan Gates said...

Congratulations you crazy kids-!!

I didn't even know you were in a big time relationship, Love is wonderful isn't it????

after everything settles down lets have lunch and catch up


Brittany Simpson said...

You did pretty well for yourself! Who said love is worth the wait? I Couldn't agree with them more, it looks like you've truly found your match in life. I am so happy for you both! What a fun way to have it all happen, so romantic! You deserve all the best! Even though we haven't seen each other for so long, I still love you and consider you a great friend! Can't wait to catch up some more. Congratulations!!!! You look fabulous by the way!


jeff brown said...

was this an April fool's?