Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Don't Call It "The Burbs"

Let's call it "Canyon Rim" or "Campaign Headquarters", just please don't call it the suburbs.

We moved to our new home in Canyon Rim. The convenience of living with my husband would be OUTSTANDING... if we had gas for heat and hot water (Edwards is working on this). Right now, the convenience of "family movie night" is pretty impressive, all of us curled up watching a most enjoyable cycling moving called, The Flying Scotsman." It is pretty cool. We really are married.

Moving went smoothly, unpacking is coming along, and decorating is just a thrill that Edwards can't seem to get enough of!

Here a few pictures. Schedule your visits to our guest room soon!
Guest room
pantry with drink supplies for our guests
Edwards at work in the half-unpacked office
Ratso staying out of the way down in his "cave"


Nussbaumers said...

Cute house! We are happy to hear that you are getting your love nest ready. Have a fun movie night!

bob said...

that's some fiiiine shag carpet in the Rat-Cave.

ekene okobi said...

Congratulations Steve! These pictures are beautiful. It's funny, 'cause as I write this, Mitt Romney is on the telly. Are you part of his family now?

you guys look so lovely together.

sarah rowland said...

Congrats! I'm so happy for you two. Love the website and video!

Ben Banks said...
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Ben Banks said...

Hey Guys -- Well done.

You both lead very specific lives and it is really great to see the two of them fit together so well.

The new place looks great, the dogs look happy, and you've both been to the Eiger. Sheesh, what else could you need?