Sunday, April 6, 2008


Beata, it means "the blessed" in Latin and "newest addition to our family" in Romney-Edwards speak. She was my beautiful little pit-bull/probably Vizsla mix whom I had to give up a few years ago. Today, we got her back.

Ratso "likes" her. Of course, he's hoarding toys and just made it clear she is not to touch his ball. Our sweet little Pit is pretending like she couldn't clobber his 13 year old butt and defering to the older, wiser dog who gets to be off-lease when she doesn't. She's not stupid.

She's seven, and still a spaz. She's bilingual, fluent in Irish (Gaelic) and English commands, and will make an excellent running partner for Edwards. Oh, and the treasure we buried just got a little safer, because if Ratso snarling isn't scary enough, the blood thirsty pit bull should be. Thieves and Scallywags beware!

Of course, good people and their puppies need not worry, because she is super sweet and happy. Probably just happy to be home.


edwards said...

In spite of her fearsome reputation all I've seen is an angel of a little varmit--okay, she's not that little. But she's super sweet, great in public, doesn't seem to be aggressive at all, and I think is still a candidate for Tuco's off-lease status as she's already learning the ropes from the master. She does have quite the bark when she wants to. I wouldn't break into our house. As to my thoughts on crowding up our new house I'll borrow a quote from our soon-to-be neighbor, "More dogs are always welcome."


PS - I'll get a better pic of her soon. Her and Ratso are quite the striking couple.

bob said...


Wedded bliss is great and all...I mean, everybody knows how gooey I get over any old smattering of true love....but when you get right down to brass tacks, what this page really needed was more pictures of Ratso.
And Beata.

b3tandwr said...

I am so glad you got your puppy back.

Anonymous said...

How remarkable. You both are obviously settling into the life of a typical Utah couple.

Which makes me think it might be the best place in the world to live. The new frontier?

Very clever way you have shared all of this through the wonders of modern technology. Makes me think the Internet might be good for something after all.

As Bob has duly noted, and judging from all the photos, you both spend an inordinate amount of time gazing into each other's eyes. True love!

Sweet when you see it.

Ashna and I look forward to traingg with...err meeting you at your Newcastle. Give us some time as we need a few months on the "Romneyedwards special" fitness program before we can hang out with you Olympian gods.

"Towards a meeting with Romney and Edwards" is the title of my latest scholarly article. Think of it as a sort of Power90x for intellectuals.

Steve Parisi said...

You guys are such a cute couple. You can tell happy people in photos. Love the environmental committment. You are welcome to visit my blog and see what I am involved in, in my little corner of Oregon