Monday, November 3, 2008

“I finally got the venue I’ve been looking for."

That's right, I'm performing in an early holiday voice recital!

Keith Trickett, Lisa Romney and Danny McDonnall
Accompanied by
Chris Smith (piano) and Charlotte Bell (oboe)

Monday 10th November 2008
@ 7:30 pm
First Unitarian Church
569 S 1300 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Admission Free

Please join us for a reception after the concert

This concert is a charity event. The aim is to raise $2500 for the Peoples Health Clinic in Park City. Members of the audience and well-wishers are encouraged to make a donation. This means, admission is free, but you have to pay to leave. Okay, you don't have to...


tara said...

Nice Big Lebowski reference. I have a parent meeting that night that I am supposed to be running. I will try and leave as early as possible to try and make it!

Lisa Romney said...

YOU ARE A TOTAL TURD! Make Bill and the boys come without you! Come as soon as you can. It is TWO HOURS LONG, but I'm right in the middle. (and part of the trio at the end)

Barbers 4 said...

I PROMISE I will make a monumental effort (even leaving the meeting early if necessary, even though I am running the damn thing!) It is important to me!

Barbers 4 said...

And, yes, I have been known ON OCCASSION to be a total turd! :)

Lisa Romney said...

PS: I'm super scared! I'm trying to get over it... but... scared.

Steve Edwards said...

You were amazing. Now I'm not the only one who knows you sing like an angel.