Thursday, July 24, 2008

The UnCool

I can't imagine Romney/Edwards ever doing anything geeky. We're so cool, we should wear our sunglasses 24 hours a day, right? "Because when you're cool, the sun shines all the time..."

We love bad movies - cool, cooler than you.
Our political opinions are robust, well informed, rooted in historical experience, and right - again, cool.
I read graphic novels - freaking cool.
Edwards reads books on nutrition and fitness - so, he's pretty cool.
We both read the paper every day - smart and cool.
We own property in all the best neighborhoods for gentrification - one day we'll be rich and cool.
We have no offspring - our freedom and generosity is cool.
We have two perfectly behaved mutts. - the coolness runneth over.
We ride a tandem bicycle...

uh, oh, here is where a friend planted a viscious little seed... Perhaps all this doesn't add up to cool. Perhaps we are so cool, we've gone past cool, and now, we are... uncool.

Please consider the rest of the list:

1. We compost.
2. We recycle.
3. He rides a fixed gear, I ride a cruiser. For transportation.
4. I said, "Hell, yeah" outloud when I saw the movie preview for, "The Watchmen."
5. We got on the waiting list and bought a white Toyota Prius, because, you know, it gets the best gas mileage.
6. We regularly recommend, "The King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters." to people as a totally awesome movie.
7. Our dogs are the best dogs ever and we talk about them incessantly.
8. We replace all burnt out lights bulbs with compact flourescents.
9. We eloped to Switzerland because of a b-movie that very few other people find entertaining.
10. We like each other so much, we ride the same bicycle.

We are uncool.

Whatever. It don't matter to Jesus.

Pictures of our uncoolness: two geeky kids by their tandem, two perfect pooches, compost bin, that's a plug-in lawn mower, and the crowning glory... the prius.


Barbers 4 said...

Well, no duh, I've known this tib-bit of information for a very long time!

Barbers 4 said...

I actually find you uber-cool and want to be like you when I grow up!

I am sure Edwards is SUPER-DUPER cool, because he married you.

(Proof I am not cool: I used "Super-Duper" --in all caps no less-- and "no duh" in my comments.)

Anonymous said...

You are right!!! You guys are cool!!!!!!

David, J and Kayla

Barbers 4 said...

Ok, it is later and I am checking it out-- where's the new blog? I am sorry you are missing your husband. Totally understand.

Debbie B said...

Hey, congrats on the Prius! Like, how much do you love it already? The whole month I was in Park City, I only used 3/4's of a tank. Very very cool.

I had forgotten you were going to the Olympics, Steve. I liked your dispatches. The Bird's Nest looked more awesome in your pictures than on tv. I think Gert, Alice and I are going to London 2012 and buy some relatively cheap tickets to some no named events and rally like crazies for the Dutch.

It was great seeing you guys this summer. (Now I've got a craving for delicious pepperoni pizza.)

Lisa Romney said...

Sweet. Debbie B wrote.

Yes, we love the Prius THIS MUCH (arms outstretched to the limit). I get a little down every time I have to put gas in it though...

Awesome meeting you, Gert, and Alice.

FYI: We are seeking a new country to call home if "The Clampetts" make it to the White House. Let us know if the Dutch have loose immigration policies and if you see any good real estate deals!