Monday, June 30, 2008

Utah Mermaids

Something my loving husband does is let me put mermaids up in prominent positions around the house. Once, when he was sick and trapped on the couch, he even let me put in the Hans Christian Anderson \ Japanese Animation DVD of The Little Mermaid that I used to watch when I was a wee babe. He's the best husband ever.

My fascination with mermaids comes from how stubborn, hard working, and creative that sweet and feminine creature was. And how loving her spirit remains.

Today, the ROYAL "WE" bought OUR first mermaid. She is glorious.

We also had a wonderful day at the Utah Arts Festival. We had beer and brats, and caught some music by our friend Misty Murphy before coming home with our new oil painting.

Yesterday we rode up Emigration Canyon on our Tandem. I love that bike. I always say it is because, "when I'm suffering - at least he isn't still getting away from me"... there was a moment on the climb that I wished he could get away so I could pedal at my own pace. I survived and it's good training. He took this picture at the top. My friend, Amanda, gave me the flashy jersey. I don't look like a gorgeous mermaid, but I doubt they'd look so pretty all dried up either.


Debbie B said...

Hey Romney Edwards,
I'm in Park City! Steve I just sent you an email to the varjak address with my American cell number. Call and we'll set up. Can't wait to meet you Romney! Much love and tulips, Deb

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful! Very unique. Hope you are having fun in Tahoe.
Love, Andrea

Debbie b said...

Steve and Romney, just left another email on the varjak intertubes. I'm in Utah till the 26th and I have experienced time going by, how do you say in your country... FAST. So let's get talking and set up a date. Love always, Deb

Barbers 4 said...

That is a very beautiful mermaid. Almost as beautiful as my sister.

Steve Edwards said...

It looks better in person, but not nearly as beautiful as your sister.

Flapjack said...

Call me STAT. Or your wedding presents will be given to the church.

Anonymous said...

I liked the wedding pictures. They are really very cute.
I am having a lot of fun here in Lousisiana. Kayla is beautiful.
Thank you for taking me to the airport.