Saturday, May 31, 2008

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Romney and Edwards


Steve Edwards said...

I loved meeting the "fam" and friends...Steve comes from good folk so I can put my "mom worries" aside and just be excited and ecstatic for you.
extraordinary people who deserve an extroadinary marriage! We love you madly and are so excited the two of you have started this adventure together! Have fun, love lots, laugh always and cherish each other. You are loved and cherished more than you can ever imagine.
All our love and hopes always,
Mom & Lynn (c:

edwards said...

Sorry, that glitch has been fixed. All posts will now not be from "steve edwards".

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! We are SO happy for you. Great to meet friends & family. Best wishes!

Heidi & Kent

Anonymous said...

all the best,
and the rest.

u two rock.
We love you.
Friends forever.

Marti & Steve Denkers

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You both wrote my posting so I think that I can write a little on your blog... I love you both and wish you much love and adventure in your life together. Thank you for all of your support! Love, Andrea

Jillian and Aunt Karen said...

congratulations!! we love you lots Lisa and can't wait to get to know Steve! You sure picked an exciting way to start a marriage! Hope your life together is just as happy and adventuresome.
Love always,
Jillian Payne and Aunt Karen

princess jen said...

Congratulations!! We wish you a happy future together full of adventures!

Love Alan and Jen Johnson

Barbers 4 said...

And they lived happily ever after...

Much love from the Barbers4

Nussbaumers said...

Congratulations on finding each other. May your honeymoon last forever.

David, Janette and Miss Kalya

Bob said...

What a wedding! Usually those traditional Catholic ceremonies given in latin are too much, but this one flew by. And the reception...WOW! I mean, Phil Requist leading the Macarena, never thought I'd live to see that!

Hoping that you live long lives together (and be fruitful!)

Bink said...

Great party, loved seeing/meeting your family and friends. The dogs weren't so bad either.

All the best,


Erica Bergstrom said...

You two seem so thrilled with each other - I'm happy for you! It was good to meet your friends and family and see everyone together having fun. Best wishes for fun adventures and living, loving, and learning together!


Elizabeth said...

Awesome video of the Victory Celebration. Is Rasto guarding the new tandem? The situation appears to meet his approval. Marriage and a tandem - what else does a couple need for happy togetherness? Sorry we missed the do. Perhaps the winds of change will take a westerly course before November 2008!
Miss you, miss you, miss you,
E & D

Reed said...

Steve and Lisa,

Thanks for a great weekend. I'm sure there will be many more, so for the time being I'll just wait until we're all together again.

To the feast of the good..


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