Monday, May 5, 2008

Party, Gift Registry, and Stuff

Not to be assumptive, but people have been asking where we're registered, so...

To re-iterate, we really don't need much. In fact, we've spent the last month getting rid of stuff. We could have used some things before our move (probably why people have weddings prior to buying their house together) but that stuff has been purchased so the house looks nice when you get here. Maybe we should set up a reverse registery where you can buy the stuff in our garage we're selling.

We do, however, really want/need a Tandem Bicycle. We are trying to find the best deal, best design, best color, best fit, but with our rings, wedding, and new home, new landlord status (when are rents going to adjust around here?) this is a distant hope without your help. Anything from $5 to $5,000 will be met with immense gratitude. It seems impolite to ask for cash donations, but we swear it will be going straight to something tangible (or necessary, depending on your interpretation).

To offer you a more traditional option... we have also registered our few needs at You can find our registry under either of our names. Be assured, anything on this list we really do want and need--okay, maybe the Saeco coffee grinder is a little over the top but Edwards says we should support them becaues they sponsored a pro bike team for years.

Finally, creative and innovative gifts are always welcome, of course. We particularly encourage Salt Lake City locals to shop Local First. A list of locally owned businesses can be found at Please keep in mind, we combined two adult households. There was a lot more purging than buying. We don't have room for much, though Edwards did find space to squeeze a tandem into the garage.

For you out of towners, please rsvp asap, especially if you'd like to stay at the Monaco. We should be able to get rooms there for around $120/night. We'll probably have dinner/drinks at their restaurant on Friday night.

pic: bike wash day. seriously, we need more bikes. there are only two more out in the garage.


Bink said...

Are you accepting alcohol as a gift?

Steve Edwards said...

We live in Utah. Anything you can smuggle across that border will be accepted with great reverence.

Steve Z Photography said...

WTF?! Apparently I'm out of the loop!

Reed said...

I think you should pony up for the Calfee Bamboo tandem.

I think our current President is sending you money that he wants you to spend to stimulate the economy. Who are you to question the President?