Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And we thought Romney-Edwards was unbelievable...

When Sarah Palin was nominated by McCain the Democratic Party cheered, "No better disaster than this!" There was only a faint whimper that people might buy what the Republicans were selling. As blind Lady Liberty's scales tip to McCain/Palin, we should be aware that the whimper we heard may actually have been a visceral sob of defeat.

I know this woman. In our democracy, there is a breed of mean-spirited, over-confident person whose ignorant, one-sided values bring them to City Hall as a place to heap their misery on others. They find their happiness in brow beatings. They internalize abusive behaviors as personal accomplishment.

In the lower 48, these people are known as the "squeaky wheel." You would be astounded at how much influence they have, for no other reason than to quiet their constant assaults. It seems that in Alaska, one of these people had the tenacity to take her misery to the Governor's Mansion. Now, she has been plucked from the cold north to feed our societal narcissism.

I am aware that the culture that runs this country shares a belief that only they should have money, because only they are responsible enough to handle it. I am also aware that they want us to vote for McCain/Palin. War Heroes R Us. Hockey Moms R Us. If "We" are in the White House, "We" are content with power by association, and the wealthy elite continue their "business as usual."

The offense of McCain/Palin is not in the names I could call her, or the smears easily slathered on the man. The offense is the roars of laughter coming from above as they watch us slide rapidly from Democracy to Idiocracy, and if you haven't seen this film, "Idiocracy," you should.

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